Latest Retail Ireland Report Highlights Industry Growth

Improvements in the Irish retail industry and how hiring the right shopfitters can grow your business

Current retailers as well as those contemplating their first foray into the industry can take solace from Retail Ireland’s latest quarterly Retail Monitor. The report’s key indicators outline the return to growth in the sector during 2015. This positive performance was appended by a solid trading period over Christmas which saw sales rise by 3% versus the same period last year.

The report comes at a time when Ireland is showing the highest GDP growth levels in the EU. Retail Ireland estimates that consumer spending will rise by 4.4% in 2016.


Retail Ireland Director Thomas Burke highlighted that 2015 was the year of retail recovery.

For the first time in seven years we saw a sustained, if incremental, increase in sales across all major categories of retail. This growth was boosted by a strong Christmas, which was in line with our pre-Christmas prediction and the sector’s best since 2008.  

Thomas Burke

Meanwhile, the forecast for 2016 look somewhat positive. 

2016 is a year of opportunity. While volume growth is strong, value growth continues to lag behind. Consumers still expect a discount on their day to day purchases. The signs are positive however, and if costs are contained, we can expect a further strong year for the sector.

Thomas Burke

One of the reasons why the retail industry is now on the upward curve is because businesses are willing to forego their resistance to change and meet their customers’ expectations. With this in mind, having the right store design can play a major role in meeting the demands of customers.

Shop Street, Galway

Shop Street, Galway


It’s fair to say that retailers have a hard time of it in the last decade or so. If your store is still stuck between a rock and a hard place, the boost you crave might just lie in a new retail store design. Whether you need to improve ease and convenience for your customers, or just want to revitalise your look and feel, a new shop fit out is a great way to increase the long-term footfall in your store.

If you feel that a refurbishment is the best way to help grow your business, make sure to place your trust in resourceful and trustworthy shopfitters who have plenty of expertise when it comes to integrating a range of different technologies into projects.

At Storebest, we are experienced and fully qualified to manufacture and install all your requirements. We’re always up to date with current trends and we know more than anyone else that making a business stand out is the biggest challenge. Combining the most modern materials, traditional shopfitting skills with an experienced management team has allowed us to develop partnerships with clients such as Easons, Vodafone and Hertz. You can rest assured that other shopfitters in Ireland would find it difficult to match what we can bring to the table.

Don’t waste time contemplating why your retail store is under-performing while the rest of the industry is beginning to find its feet again. Start planning on how you can make the most of your space with a refurbishment from Storebest.

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