Shop fit out latest news

The retail design and shop fit out world is fast paced. Whether it’s technology, materials, or new trends, nothing stands still for long. That’s why we always have to keep abreast of all the goings on happening in the shop fit out and design scene, so we can bring the best of them to you right here in Dublin.


Stella McCartney goes digital

The Stella McCartney fashion brand has enjoyed success all around the world, so when it decides to go in a different direction we should all pay attention. They have had unconventionally shaped video walls installed in 11 of their flagship stores spread all over the globe.

The displays use a combination of different size LG televisions placed in both landscape and portrait positions to create a mosaic effect. The varying sizes and orientation of the displays makes it even more challenging to show consistent video content.

Would a video wall be a good idea for your business? What would you show on it?


Camouflaged Converse

When most of us think of brightly coloured camo we think tacky. It’s the stuff of redneck weddings and poor fashion choices. However, Converse are determined to make it cool again. Their new range of limited edition sneakers feature traditional camo designs, as well as brightly coloured alternatives, and are being sold at Sneakersnstuff.

In order to help them achieve their mission they have come up with a creative way of displaying the new footwear. They’ve had displays built that are also a camouflage design, but not just the pattern, the displays are actually constructed from greenery and flowers, like a living wall. Do they make it harder to see the footwear? We hope so.

Will Converse be able to make camouflage cool again? We doubt it. Would a living wall be a welcome addition to your shop fitout?


Pop-up awards for alcohol companies

Two awards were won recently for the creation of pop-ups for a brewery and a wine producer. While the fact they bring alcohol into the world is probably a good enough reason for them to win an award, it was actually the creative thinking behind their seasonal pop-ups that got them noticed by the Revo Opal awards.

The brewery is called Shepherd Neame, and it’s the oldest in Britain. Their pop-up store took visitors through every stage of the brewing process and the company’s history. Chapel Down’s pop-up store featured window displays made fro empty wine bottles. They held events for customers every day, including wine tastings and food matching sessions.

Both of these awards have gone to brands that focused heavily on the customer experience. They didn’t just display their goods, they tried to immerse the customers as much as possible. Customer centric design is more important now than ever, as online purchases continue to increase it’s easier than ever for the customer not to leave their home. Good design creates an atmosphere and experience that will keep them coming back time and time again.


Runway goes native with Hanoi shop fit out

You may not of heard of Vietnamese fashion retailer, Runway, before. They’ve just opened a new style store in Hanoi, and it’s a good example of various current design trends. While the designer says the store seeks to reflect the colours and shapes of luxurious Vietnamese vegetation combined with 1950s style Italian design, it’s also an example of a lot of current design thinking.

The store is contemporary in design, and uses lighting and pastel colours to great effect. They’ve also included many materials that might otherwise clash, like natural oak, terrazzo floors, polished steel, and glass. Amongst all of this, you’ll find carpeting dotted about the store in no apparent order.

Despite the combination of styles, we think the shop fit out works well and expect it to be a hit with customers.


A coffee shop helping with homelessness

The Big Moose Coffee Co. in Cardiff has opened its first shop. The difference with this coffee shop is that it has been specifically opened to help provide jobs and training for the homeless of Cardiff. Founded by a father and daughter team, Jeff and Chloe Smith, they also have the backing of some charities and property groups.

Jeff Smith, one of the founders, said, “The café idea was born after over two years of helping feed and clothe the homeless of Cardiff. We wanted to take it further and provide them with the skills to help rebuild their lives, and that’s when we thought of the Big Moose Coffee Co. concept. We are passionate about supporting these people and setting them up to get a new start in life. The St David’s café will be a great location for our baristas to learn new skills and gain experience interacting with customers in a busy commercial centre.”

The initiative has been well thought out and has plenty of support, so lets hope they go on to achieve their goal for many years to come.


Does your retail space need a refresh?

Many businesses stay the same for decades, but the world continues to evolve. Failing to serve the customers of tomorrow could leave you struggling against your competitors who embrace the changing landscape of shop fitting.

Many trends come and go, but many developments are proven and aren’t going away any time soon. This means a sensible and balanced approach to your shop fit out is essential. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. With more than 35 years experience, Storebest are the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the most of your space.

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