Believe it or not, some of the most exciting innovations in the shop fit out industry are happening right here at home. Dublin is a thriving hub for high street commerce, and retail in Ireland as a whole is as strong as ever.

That said, as any of our team will tell you, to continue our habit of quality work and ingenuity, it’s critical to stay on top of what’s happening abroad. From London to Dubai, there is a constant race to stay ahead of the game. To do so we are always reading industry publications to find out what’s happening in the world of shop fit outs today.

Curious about what gets our creative juices flowing? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite industry articles that have got our team talking.

Iceland Pledges Plastic-Free Future

“Frozen food specialist Iceland has committed to become the first major retailer to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own brand packaging. It has started the process of elimination and has challenged itself to complete it within five years.”

Change doesn’t always happen fast, but even when it takes years to happen, it can feel like its coming out of nowhere. Recently, Iceland announced their fantastic pledge to do their part for a plastic free future. It’s a choice that could spread industry wide, in which case your shelf and refrigeration options could look drastically different in just a few short years’ time.

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Starbucks To Test Cash-Free Store

“Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks has announced plans to test a new cash-free initiative at its company headquarters beginning next week.”

We are always ones to point out the benefits of outside the box thinking, but we’d never says it comes with no risks. Starbucks plan to make a cash-free store is exciting, innovative and possibly a bold step into the future. But it could also end up being a failed experiment.

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British Businesses Complain Of Shoplifting Epidemic

“A decision not to arrest shoplifters who swipe items worth less than £200 is said to be fuelling a rise in stealing. Britain’s furious shop owners have told Government ministers that they are being targeted by thieves because of the threshold.”

A change of policy in British policing highlights just how important it is to consider security when planning your shop fit out.

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Health And Well-being Requires Sound Mind And Body

“A consumer movement beyond just health and wellness – but of being sound body and mind – is creating new opportunities in retail, fitness, and other mindful spaces.”

Creating a healthy, happy lifestyle requires a lot more than stocking up on the right vitamins. That means the services you offer can go way beyond supplying popular products. For the health conscious of tomorrow, safe, calm spaces that provide respite from a busy day in the city matter just as much as anything else, which means your shop fit out design could be changed to take advantage of a whole new market.

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