Retail Design Shopper Habits: IGD Highlight Season Spending Trends

A guide to retail design shopper habits

You won’t be surprised to hear how the changing seasons can effect your business, but you might be interested to learn about the research involved so that you can learn from it to improve your profit margin. Recently, an IGD study on retail design shopper habits highlighted how the end of school alters the shopping habits of your customer base. Stocking up on groceries faster and fitting in the task of shopping to their daily routine makes for a drastic difference in how much money they spend and how often they spend it. As with any area of business, these moments of change create both the risk of losing business and the opportunity to improve it.

There are countless ways that a good shop fit out will get the most out of your location, so we’ve put together this helpful guide on everything you need to know when it comes to retail design shopper habits. That said, your business is like no other. To get bespoke advice that is trailored to match your needs, you can pick up the phone and give us a call: 01 5394612

Retail Design Shopper Habits: IGD Highlight Season Spending Trends

Get ready for the crowds

As we approach the end of the summer, the main change that will affect your store is the fact that children are going back to school.

In the most obvious way, this is great news for stationary providers, but many other locations can expect a tremendous boost. Books, clothes and even groceries will be in high demand, so it’s important to stock up on whatever you’ve got and sell it all while the demand is hot.

To do this, make sure you have a good floor plan that puts the most relevant items right in front of your shopper’s eyes.

Because it’s such a busy time, you need to be able to deal with larger crowds without letting your shop become cluttered and difficult to navigate.

After all, many people will only poke their heads in for a second to decide if it’s worth the trouble of shoving through a mob. Luckily, this issue can be mitigated when you have a shop fitout that streamlines the shopping experience and makes it an easy journey from your products to the till.

Make Sure Your Customers Find What They Need

For those returning to their normal routines after a summer of fun, getting back to what they’re used to is a huge part of the process: They want their usual expresso from the local coffee place, their favourite sandwich from the café, and of course the daily newspaper that they haven’t had a chance to read since they got back from a holiday abroad.

In all the change that happens in the retailers around you, make sure your customers are still able to find the old reliables.

What We Have Learned

One reason we found the IGD research into retail design shopper habits so interesting is because it highlighted that the most important factor when it comes to shop fitouts is to keep things simple for your customers. In the past we’ve often talked about the key methods you can use to drive up business. If you’re familiar with our retail design philosophy, you’ll know that a huge part of that has always been streamlining the shopper experience.

If you’d like to hear more about retail design shopper habits from our shop fitout team, and find out how we can improve the look and function of your store, make sure to contact us today: 01 5394612