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Working with shop fitters is different for every customer. Some are brimming with excitement about the new look, while others aren’t looking forward to the change, as they are worried about upsetting existing customers and losing business. With an increasing number of consumers ordering products online and supermarkets selling nearly every single category of product, the challenges facing smaller independents is greater than ever. Here are a few tips to help you be successful when designing your store.


Less is often more in shop fitting

Packing in thousands of products doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make more sales, it just makes the space feel cramped and cluttered. A modern store design should have a more welcoming feel with a minimalist design and a heavy focus on a great customer experience.

The average consumer has higher expectations from your store. People still love to shop, and getting rid of the clutter can help you to create a more comfortable space where they will stay longer, and help you to make products really stand out.


Don’t be afraid of not being conventional

An increasing number of stores are incorporating a theme or standout feature. Sometimes it’s rooted in the businesses identity, other stores get inspiration from the sector they operate in, and in some stores it’s unrelated to both and just about adding value to the customer’s experience.

Whether you incorporate props and accessories that are easily swapped around, or you create a permanent fixture, don’t be afraid to be a little quirky. Give them a positive reason to talk about your store and want to come back.


Light up your customers’ lives

The correct use of lighting can have a huge impact on the general feel of your store. Hidden lighting and the best brightness in various areas can be used to highlight products and draw a consumer’s focus to where you want them to look. Lighting has the ability to make or break a design, so make sure you get advice from experienced shop fitters to maximise yours.


Attentive customer service

Shop fitters won’t be able to help you with this one, but it’s a big benefit physical stores have over e-commerce. Customers are able to receive an instant response and help from a real person, rather than being reliant on a faceless messaging service or customer support e-mail address. Ensuring all your staff members are polite and courteous and understand the product and all the company policies regarding things like returns, will enable them to give advice and provide assistance when needed.


Ask shop fitters to incorporate flexibility

Your store design doesn’t have to be fixed. There are some aspects that benefit from a level of adjustability. If you have a window display you want it to be easily accessible and eye catching, and changing it fairly regularly will keep it attracting attention. For many businesses, the display continues working even when the business is closed. The interior space can also be designed with possible events in mind, so if you want to hold in-store events to promote special offers and new products; the space can be adapted to accommodate the increased footfall and change of layout.


In other shopfitting news…

Guess the pop-up

The growing popularity of pop-up stores has proven a hit at GUESS Jeans. Their Farmers Market pop-up concept is being rolled out globally. It includes a new capsule collection offered in a setting that’s designed like a farmers market, even including brightly coloured fruit and veg. They are also offering T-Shirt printing at the pop-ups. The closest one to Dublin is at Selfridges in London, but there will be a further six stores at various locations around the world.


Retail is still bouncing back in Ireland

According to the Central Statistics Office, there was an increase of 1.5% over April’s figures, and 4.7% over the same period last year. After years of recession, the improving Irish economy seems to be loosening the purse strings of consumers. As the Irish jobs market looks increasingly healthy and average household incomes continue to rise, we expect to see these increases become a regular trend for some time. If you’re considering starting a retail business, now could be the perfect time to follow your dream.


Ambitious innovation leads Harvey Nichols shopfitting design

Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge is undergoing an ambitious redevelopment featuring an innovative and unconventional design concept. Daniela Rinaldi, one of two COOs at Harvey Nichols says, ‘We are incredibly excited to unveil the latest part of the redevelopment plan of our flagship store. Following a four-month closure of our first floor, which houses our women’s wear designer collections, we can finally let customers come and experience this beautiful new space.’


Stella McCartney opens multi-sensory flagship

Stella McCartney’s new flagship store in Old Bond Street, London, is designed to provide as many unique multisensory experiences to customers as possible. The experience is spread over 700sq metres and four floors, and replaces the old store in Bruton Street. The carefully restored 18th century exterior provides a sharp contrast to the contemporary interior. The store, which was designed by Stella and her team, features clever use of lighting and materials, including a raw steel spiral staircase that provides a feature and navigates customers between floors.


Would your shop benefit from a new look?

If you want to make the most of your shop fitting then you need to engage shop fitters that understand the principles of great retail design. Our expert designers have over 35 years of experience, consistently delivering the highest standards to businesses all over Dublin, and the rest of Ireland. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. Storebest are the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the best use of your space to achieve your aims.

Our shop fitters can help you with every aspect of a shop fit out, from the earliest part of the planning stage through to a complete turnkey solution. Call us today on 01 539 4612, use our contact form, or e-mail to see what how we can help you.