You don’t have to look back far to see how disruptive the latest technology trends can affect shopfitters in Dublin. Not long ago, every street in the city would have had a handful of record and DVD shops. Now most of them are gone. On top of this, ECommerce has taken a huge chunk of business away from clothing and electronics stores.

Of course, it’s also easy to find examples of how technology has improved our highstreets. With a well-optimised website and a savvy social media presence, you can create a buzz around sales, promotions and new products like never before. What’s more, it’s now clear that businesses who were ahead of the curve managed to strike gold on this front. If you weren’t a part of these early adopters you might think that all the excitement has fizzled down, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

Consumers are demanding innovation from shopfitters in Dublin more than ever. With incredible new ideas and gadgets on the horizon, the way people do shopping is going to change forever. But what exactly does this mean for your store?

Shopfitters in Dublin Technology Trends

Research shows a desire for new technology

As mentioned above, research performed among 3,470 consumers in the UK, US, China, Japan and Malaysia has confirmed a strong desire to see fresh, exciting technologies in their local stores.

More than half of Chinese shoppers want to experience VR as part of their shopping experience, potentially allowing them to see what they look like in clothes before they even try them on. AR interaction with their phones is also an option that they want to see more of. And, most captivating of all for this eastern market, is the idea of ‘magic mirrors.’

The interest in these technologies is a little less in Ireland, but it’s heating up every day. Because VR has become a big part of the online conversation, and, even more importantly, because it’s been put in front of Irish consumer eyes with in-store demonstrations, the potential it has to shake up the traditional shopping experience is getting closer and closer every day.

Shifting reality

As any shopfitters in Dublin will tell you, one of the biggest advantages that physical stores have over their virtual counterparts is that there are actual products for their customers to pick up, hold, try on and take home on the day of purchase. The last burst of technological innovation took customers off the highstreet and into the online shopping world. But the latest changes will be reminding them of what makes your store so great.

AR offers a new way for your customers to interact with your products from their phones. With it, they’ll be able to try on a dress, or a new pair of shoes, point their phone in the mirror, and see how it would look in all of the other coolers without having to get changed.

Magic Mirrors will bring a new of getting information on products and even purchasing them. Imagine walking into a changing room, trying out a new outline, clicking a few buttons on the glass display, then inputting your credit card number so you can walk right out of the store.

Then there’s the elephant in the room: VR. Nobody can say just yet just how substantial an impact this technology will have on shopper, but most people would agree that it’s going to be a big one. Really, the only limit will be your imagination. Whoever comes up with the most innovative and practical uses for the headsets is surely going to change the industry as a whole.

Working with shopfitters in Dublin

Shopfitters in Dublin are going to be introducing some great new ideas to impress your consumers, but we’ll also be ahead on the stuff that doesn’t get as much media attention. Stock monitoring and information collection will make all the difference to your profit margin and we can advise on how to implement these relevant technologies in the most non-invasive way.

If you’re curious about what else shopfitters in Dublin can do for you, then make sure to give us a call: 01 539 4612