The latest tech to consider for your shop fit out

latest tech shop fitout

Tech innovations are being introduced to the retail experience in a wide variety of ways, but which ones will stick and which ones will be little more than a flash in the pan? Only time will tell, but here are some picks from recent news we think stand a chance of becoming more popular in Dublin.


In-Store app assistants

Apps are becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to retail they have predominantly been the domain of e-commerce companies, but people are so used to the convenience offered by an app many think it can be used to add value to the physical retail experience too.

Walmart in the US recently added a store assistant to their app. It provides shoppers with many additional features designed to be useful when visiting a physical store. The assistant automatically opens when they open the company’s app in a store. Some of the features include:

  • A map of the store
  • In-app shopping lists
  • Cost estimates of total bill
  • Stock availability in the store
  • A scanner for more product info

We’re not sure whether all of these would catch on, but a couple might. Do you think any of the above would add value to a customer’s experience here in Dublin? Can you think of ways an app could be used to help you engage your customers for an improved experience? Will businesses of the future include a budget for app creation when planning their own shop fit out?


Would interactive mirrors benefit your shop fit out?

Interactive mirrors have been a regular feature at industry shows for a few years now. The more advanced ones allow customers to see what clothes would look like, negating the need to try them on. However, these are some way from being perfect, and we think it will be another few years before these are a standard part of a shop fit out in Dublin.

Despite some of the more advanced features needing further development, Mango have worked with Vodafone to develop a digital mirror they think will be genuinely useful to customers. The mirror is connected to the store’s employees, who receive messages on their smart watches. This allows a customer to request a garment in a different size or colour without leaving the changing room.

The mirror is also providing a potential source of sales, as it automatically suggests other garments to compliment the clothes the customer is trying on. Guillermo Corominas, Mango’s chief client officer, said, We see the future of retailing as a blend of the online and the offline. These new fitting rooms are another step in the digital transformation of our stores to create a whole new experience for our customers.’ Whether or not customers agree with Mango’s optimism is yet to be seen, but if they do, expect to see a smart mirror included in a shop fitout in a Dublin store near you some time soon.


Can data provide new insights?

A designer shirt maker on New York’s Wall Street has adopted an Internet of Things (IoT) digital platform to help it track customers, products and employees throughout the store. The idea is to analyse the data to help predict shopper behaviour and buying patterns. They hope to use this comprehensive overview of how the store operates to ensure they have the best layout, optimise their customer service and improve employee workflow. They believe doing this will help to grow sales while cutting costs.

As with all data, the results are only as good as the analysis. Whether this system works is yet to be seen, but were pretty sure that even if it doesn’t, it won’t be the last we see of IoT sensors being used to track customers. More than a third of supermarkets are already using or trialling IoT technology in their physical stores. As the digital world penetrates deeper into our daily lives, a technology-based aspect is going to play an increasingly important role in shop fit out.


Amazon pushing ahead with more Go locations

Retail is more about the customer’s experience than ever before. Previously there was no competition for shops when people wanted to go on a shopping spree, but now retailers are constantly trying to come up with ways to add value a customer can’t receive when shopping online. However, not all experiences have to be sensory or special, sometimes what we need the most is convenience.

Amazon Go is a store concept that does away with the need for a cashier. You can purchase items through the Amazon Go smartphone app, and then simply pick them up from the store. You’re charged for your goods as you exit the store. Even though Amazon have consistently been reducing the amount of time needed to deliver an order, most people are impatient, and the thought of purchasing an item while at work and picking it up an hour later while on lunch will appeal to lots of people. Reducing the need for human store assistants will help simplify the shop fit out as well as cut costs.

The new Amazon Go stores will be located in Seattle and Los Angeles, but if they prove to be popular we expect to see them popping up all over the countries Amazon operates in.


Would your shop benefit from a new look?

No matter how tech savvy your business is, those that fail to serve the customers of tomorrow will struggle against their competitors who embrace the changing landscape of shop fitting. Despite this, many innovations need to be proven in the field, and will reduce in price dramatically as adoption increases. This means a sensible and balanced approach to the tech you introduce to your shop fit out is essential. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. With more than 35 years experience, Storebest are the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the most of your technology.

We can help you with every aspect of a shop fit out, from the earliest part of the planning stage through to a complete turnkey solution. Call us today on 01 539 4612, use our contact form, or e-mail to see what how we can help you.